Sustainable Development for a Dynamic Planet: Lessons, Priorities and Solutions

We inhabit a dynamic planet where the effects of global environmental degradation, economic inequality and sociocultural injustices are increasingly manifested over time and space. In that way, the challenge of sustainable development is to craft and implement innovative solutions that are flexible and adaptive so that life can continue to flourish and thrive as both the Earth and human society respond to changing circumstances. Achieving sustainable development is therefore an interdisciplinary challenge embracing social, political, cultural, economic and technological change, as well as planetary scale ecological change.

The Seventeenth International Conference on Climate Change: Impacts & Responses will explore the multidimensional challenge of identifying and implementing resilient, durable and regenerative sustainable development solutions that bring well-being to both people and planet. From a sociocultural perspective, a key challenge is addressing entrenched inequalities, both within the present generation (intragenerational inequity) and between the present generation and those that will follow (intergenerational inequity). In what ways can we create well-being for all without it costing the earth? Creative and imaginative economic responses to environmental issues are coming to the fore, such as the circular economy, carbon neutrality and the need to generate bottom-up governance structures that are just, inclusive and equitable while engaging with planetary scale change. We warmly welcome proposals from all stakeholders for papers, parallel sessions, colloquia and focused discussions that address the challenges of generating a culture of long-term well-being for nature and culture on a dynamic planet.