A Common Ground Media Lab Speaker Series

Common Ground Research Networks sets out to address some of the pivotal challenges of our time, curating research networks that cut horizontally across legacy disciplinary boundaries and knowledge practices. Sustainability, diversity, learning, the future of humanities, the nature of interdisciplinarity, the place of the arts in society, technology's connections with knowledge — these are some of the deeply important questions that we address, all requiring interdisciplinary thinking, global conversations, and cross-institutional intellectual collaborations.

The Common Ground Research Media Lab Speaker Series, Imagining Futures, seeks to offer our Research Network members a place of learning and interaction by introducing in online conversation sessions led by some of the world’s leading researchers, practitioners, artists and civic leaders. Our aim in the Imaging Futures series is to create linkages that cross disciplinary, geographic, and cultural boundaries. In considering our collective futures, we must build strategies for action. Our aim is not just to reflect upon the world, but to nurture a commitment to change it.

How to Access the Speaker Series

The Imagining Futures Speaker Series is a Research Network Membership benefit. Anyone with a Research Network membership can access to complete series. So too can anyone with a conference registration in 2021. If you’d like to sign up just for the speaker series, please select an Audience Pass (for your next Research Network conference) and with this, you will receive the details on how to attend.

  • If your already registered with a Presenter or Audience Pass you can join up instantly by logging into your CGScholar account, navigating to the 'Special Events' page in the conference you are registered for. There, you will be able to sign up for the Speaker Series.
  • If you have not registered, you’ll need to register as a Presenter or Audience Pass for the upcoming conference – meaning you’ll also have the added bonus of participating in the upcoming conference too. From there, you can sign up for the Speaker Series through the 'Special Events' page.
  • If you have an existing Research Network Membership as part of an author benefit, please select the "on request" Speaker Series - Membership Benefit under Online Only, and add you Membership number. We will verify the membership, and add the Speaker series to your account.