CGScholar Community is a cutting-edge, peer-to-peer “social knowledge” technology connecting academic peers from around the world in a space that is modulated for serious discourse and the presentation of knowledge works.

A Social Knowledge Platform

Utilize Your Free CGScholar Membership Today through:

  • Building your academic profile and list of published works.
  • Joining a community with a thematic or disciplinary focus.
  • Establishing a new research network relevant to your field.
  • Creating new academic work in our innovative publishing space.

Scholar Quick Start Guide

  • Navigate to Select [Sign Up] below ‘Create an Account’.
  • Enter a “blip” (a very brief one-sentence description of yourself).
  • Click on the “Find and join communities” link located under the YOUR COMMUNITIES heading (On the left-hand navigation bar).
  • Search for the Climate Change: Impacts & Responses Research Network to join or create your own.

Scholar Next Steps – Build Your Academic Profile

  • About: Include information about yourself, including a linked CV in the top, dark blue bar.
  • Interests: Create searchable information so others with similar interests can locate you.
  • Peers: Invite others to connect as a peer and keep up with their work.
  • Shares: Make your page a comprehensive portfolio of your work by adding publications in the Shares area - be these full-text copies of works in cases where you have permission or a link to a bookstore, library, or publisher listing. If you choose Common Ground’s hybrid open access option, you may post the final version of your work here, available to anyone on the web if you select the ‘make my site public’ option.
  • Image: Add a photograph of yourself to this page; hover over the avatar and click the pencil/edit icon to select.

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