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The International Journal of Climate Change: Impacts and Responses is available in electronic and print formats.

    • An institutional subscription to Climate Change: Impacts & Responses provides electronic access to to all book and journal content. This includes new content and the entire backlist.

Institutional Read + Write Agreement

We are open to shifting models and collaborative experimentation with researchers, authors, funding institutions, and libraries.

    • Institutions pay a set annual fee allowing the institution to read and write openly in Common Ground’s research networks.
    • Includes the open access publication of articles authored by grad-students or faculty (provided acceptance in peer review)
    • Provides subscriber access all of Common Ground’s academic content for one entire year.
    • Pricing is structured based on the institution’s size, the open access model (open access or premium open access), and the number of articles being published open access. Contact us for a price quote.

Individual Access

This electronic subscription is available to individuals through a Research Network Membership.