Our Mission

Your scholarship can be a powerful agent for critical engagement and productive democratic discourse. At a time of considerable change in scholarly communication and publishing, the Climate Change Book Imprint seeks to challenge the status quo and influencing public life. In collaboration with faculty, librarians, authors, and students, we are committed to producing and disseminating interdisciplinary inquiry that seeks to educate within and beyond the classroom.

We welcome proposals or manuscripts of new works, edited collections, and book series.

Journey of a Book

Each book has its own journey, a journey that can take many paths and follow different timelines. We see our role as curators of your research. We support you through each step over the course of which your book takes on a life its own and eventually finds its place in the world. At the heart of this is the peer-review process that helps shape your work and serves as a measure of its academic integrity.

1 Book Proposal

A potential author submits their proposal (or full manuscript) to our Managing Editor, who initially reviews with the internal editorial planning team.

Book Proposal Forms and Process

2 Peer Review

If your proposal (or manuscript) passes the initial review, the project moves on to the all-important peer-review stage. Here readers with expertise give substantive feedback and assess the work’s potential impact.

Book Author Guidelines

Become a Peer Reviewer

3 Approved for Publication and Contract

The author/s finalize revisions agreed to during the peer review process and the contract is then negotiated. At this stage, if required, the author acquires necessary permissions for use of content, for example, images, or republished material in an edited collection.

Editorial Services

4 Marketing, Publicity, Outreach Planning

We work closely with the author/s to develop a tailored release, launch, and marketing plan. This plan includes direct email within our Research Network community, social media campaigns, and supplying digital assets to the author to support self-promotion. A sales team distributes the title to bookshops, online retailers, and libraries the world over. In addition, we arrange for book and author events, in-person and online.

Marketing Basics

Open Access Options

5 The Book is Published

Congratulations—your book is now published! Now is the time for the author to look back over the journey with a sense of accomplishment. Your idea has now been entered into the permanent record of the universal library of knowledge.

6 Only the Beginning

We hope this is the beginning of a longer relationship. In this "future" we will talk about the steps for releasing in paperback, possible second editions, and other format opportunities in licensing of intellectual property, including translation, audio, dramatic rights, and others.