This video is a compilation of clips from exclusive interviews conducted with the following youth climate activists:

Dr Mya-Rose “Birdgirl” Craig; Bea Harrison – Teach the Future; Iolo Jones – XR Youth, Our Air Our City; Olivia Sweeney, Black & Green Ambassador; Isobel Russell – XR Youth Bristol & Climate Live 

This video was previewed at the CCERN conference on 20th April 2021. CCERN extends a huge thanks to all contributors!

Video Introduction to Climate Change Education (CCE).

These interviews were filmed for the CCERN launch event on 23rd November 2020. CCERN extends thanks to all contributors for their time.

Exclusive interview with Martha Monroe of the University of Florida about effective strategies for Climate Change Education (CCE).

This interview was filmed for the CCERN conference and previewed on 20th April 2021. CCERN extends thanks to Martha Monroe for her time.

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