Dear CCERN followers, 

We hope you’re all well! 

We are pleased to announce the first CCERN teacher conference is confirmed for Tuesday 21st April at 4-6pm, taking place over Zoom. We will put out booking details soon – watch this space! Many members of our network are contributing to the planning, which is fantastic and we hope to see everyone there.

In the meantime, working groups continue to operate autonomously. If you would like to join a group, send us an email and we’ll link you up.  

A team has been set up for the audit toolkit development and an initial meeting will be arranged soon. Literature related to Climate Change Education (CCE) is constantly being reviewed and compiled, please send anything of interest our way. 

So, all is going swimmingly in the CCERN world. Finally, here is a collection of links to relevant events/resources (some are quite Bristol-centric, our colleagues from further afield are invited to send us content for the next newsletter).

That’s all for now, folks! 

The CCERN team